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UPS misadventures, pt. 2

Well, a UPS rep called me late last week, and they're about as without a clue about what happened as myself and the company that did the shipping to the belt clips that I'd ordered.

<back_story timing="overdue">
I had ordered a PDA case from this company in Argentina, based off of the recommendation of a friend. The case itself is still alive and well, but I wish I could say the same about the weak-ass belt clip that came with it. I ended up ordering two replacements, after the one that came with it broke, to have a replacement as well as a spare in case that happens again.

While UPS is looking for it, if they still are, the company is going to ship my order again. That's awfully nice of them. I'll just be keeping my fingers crossed this time around :-)

[Update @ 4:35pm]
I just received a notice from UPS that the replacement clips have been shipped (or are in that process). The tracking number is in my saved list on their site, so I'll definitely be watching.
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