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Doh! Missed the mark...

The Shareware Industry Awards banquet was this weekend and, though I wasn't able to go, I was anxious to hear the results, as a program of mine was among the nominees (bottom of the page... best program for PDAs).

I didn't get the award (World Atlas got it, actually), but I still feel good to at least make it past the nominations. According to the guy that manages all of this, there were 815 programs nominated from people all over the world this year, and 54 of those actually made it to the nominee list. One of mine was among the 54, and the competition at that point was pretty tough. Because of that, it's still something to write home about :-)

As an aside to all of that, Trillian (best internet communication) and Kyodai Mahjongg (best non-action game) both won in their respective categories. That's hardly a surprise.
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