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This weekend...

...could have started better than it did, but was still a good one.

Friday afternoon, on the way home from work, I discovered that my car stereo had started to die. The lighting in it would only come on when I tilted the face a certain way, and some of the buttons were also starting to die. It ended up seeming like the connector that connected the security/flipping faceplate to the rest of the thing was coming apart. I guess machines can get repetitive strain injuries just as easily as we can :-)

Since that problem was added to the fact that the warranty had recently run out, I ended up with the single choice of getting a new one. I went to Circuit City that night to do just that, and got there just in time (they were closing on my way out). Luckily for me, Kenwood doesn't change their wiring connectors at all (or so it seems... at most, they add optional connections), so I was able to just unplug the old one and plug in the new one. There's also a renewable store service plan attached to this one, not to mention I got it locally instead of ordering it, so it'll be easily to take it in for service.

About the only thing to get used to, besides the new button arrangement, is the detachable face. The face was detachable on the old one, but also could just be flipped around and hidden. I don't have that option now.

As for the old stereo, if anyone near me is brave enough to try and fix it, you're welcome to it.

Didn't have much to do the rest of the weekend... most of it I spent working on the next version of my geocaching app. I almost have that ready to go, if not for Garmin's sluggish developer support for their new PDA. I'd really like to get support for that thing in the next version... perhaps be the first 3rd party developer to support it.
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