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I had hoped that today was going to be better than yesterday... I got anything but that. I'm glad today is Friday.

It started with one of the building tenants upstairs moving today, and apparently it took them in excess of two days before they were finished hammering or whatever they were doing directly above my head. It's not like that's in the middle of an office area or anything... I'm 5 feet from an outside wall, and there shouldn't be any hallways at that spot either. Of course, all of that left me in ill shape to deal with what came next...

Seems the average IQ of certain people plummeted this morning. First was a case of something being done with our software that the person doing it should have know was extremely tricky. There's no logical way to expect what they were doing to work, but it was anyway... until they upgraded our stuff. It took me trying 5 times to explain before it finally sunk in that the fact that what they were doing was working was pure luck on their part for all this time, and they shouldn't have expected it to work in the first place if they had any kind of competence.

The 2nd case was a problem similar to what we had before, and why the latest release didn't fix it. The "latest release", though, only replaced certain files, none of which were the one where the fix was located. We got the fix for the previous problem down there, it didn't work, and I spent another 4-5 rounds of explaining to these guys that the problem couldn't possibly be coming from anything that I maintained, and asking why I was still on the phone with them.

It's days like this that I'm glad I don't have to talk directly to customers anymore, otherwise they would have heard a variety of 4-letter words escape my lips. I knew yesterday that I should have taken a mental health day today but, considering there's no one else here today with a clue about things, they would be calling me at home anyway. This would be one of the few times that I absolutely hate working here. Again, I'm glad it's Friday.

Incidentally, I'm feeling a little more sane now. Off to get some lunch...
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