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Getting something off my chest...

If only the USA were a country where blatant voter suppression was illegal and propaganda machines couldn't masquerade as factual news reporting. Of course, then we'd have more voters making more informed decisions, and who wants that? Certainly not the GOP...

Meanwhile, millions of poor and middle-class voters are cheering for and plan to elect a group of people whose goals are the complete opposite of their best interests. A group of people who don't care if their efforts to continue to grow their own bank accounts result in The Great Depression 2.0, who have complete disregard for the US Constitution, and who have no problems at all with committing treason in order to (directly or indirectly) get rid of the current President.

It sickens me.

[Update @ 1:48pm]
Even a fictional news show has no problem telling it like it is...
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