Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

Didn't do much today, aside from talking with my stepmom (and dad, for as long as he could manage being on the phone) and getting my oil changed this morning.

I did work a bit on my geocaching app. The next currently doable thing on my list (not counting Garmin PDA support, which isn't currently doable because they keep stalling with developer support) is to do a kind of "nearest caches" list, based off of either a selected cache or a certain set of coordinates. This involves refreshing my skills with trig functions (it's been YEARS) and parsing coordinates into a pair of numbers. The latter part is finished, so now I've got to take care of the former, then I can pull it all together.

Tomorrow, I've got to pick up a couple DVDs from helixblue, which I bought from lilbluebus, which means a nice drive to Cary. I'll would be trying out his Beneath Encom cache as well, but that's rather impossible if I can't finish it. The first stage of the two-stage cache was lost, though, and is proving difficult for him to replace, so I'll just have to lend him my GPS first for a bit so he can fix it. Hopefully, on my way back home, I'll be getting together with jeffsworld and my_disillusions. Since my first stop may be cut short, though, that may ruin the timing for the second stop.

[Edited @ 9:20pm]
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