Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

I decided today to upgrade the GPS unit that I use for geocaching to a Garmin Rino 120. The main reason for this was to gain access to WAAS, which my old GPS III Plus didn't have. It's a little easier to find the spot in question when you know you're getting closer to the X that marks it :-)

The FRS radio that's built into the thing should come in handy later on as well. I already have a standalone radio of that type, so it'll be good if I go with a friend and we somehow get separated. There's also the whole "contact between cars" thing, which would seem a lot better with the radios having a range of a couple miles.

According to, it should be arriving around the end of next week (free shipping for a couple days of waiting... not a bad trade).

I'll probably still keep my old GPS unit around for car navigation, since I've already got a car bracket and antenna for it. Placing the old one in the Explorer where I can view it easily while keeping a (relatively) unobstructed view of the road is easier with that one than the new one.
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