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Nice surprise

When I ordered my new GPS earlier this week, Amazon quoted a shipping date around the time of next Monday, and arriving later that week. The reality is that it shipped yesterday, arrived in Greensboro this morning, and should be on my doorstep by sometime tomorrow. Looks like I'll have something to try out this weekend :-)

That's not the only interesting thing that's happened this week, though. According to the statistics for my (primarily Palm OS) software site, someone at Palm (the company) was taking a look at it sometime in the last week. Unfortunately, I don't have the logs archived (they're normally scrapped on that host daily after a stats run) to see what they were looking at. I have been wondering when/if my software may end up chosen for a bundle deal with a Palm OS device, though... maybe something like this is a prelude for that? Who knows?

The only thing I can think of that may have brought me to their attention was the fact that my geocaching database nearly became award-winning. Since I don't have the logs anymore (which also contain referring pages), I can't be sure about that either.
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