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Weekend & new toy

Just spent the last couple of hours setting up the new GPS receiver (which got here today, thanks to UPS feeling insecure about leaving it here Friday), and getting software set up so I can use both of them. Nicely enough, the old map CD works with the new device, but I had to get the software off of the new CD to get both devices living together without fighting. That, of course, is a good thing... the new map CD insisted on loading all of the maps on the hard drive, which was hurting a bit for space when they were all on there. I freed up some of the space when I found out that I could.

The weekend was a good one. Mom came up for part of Saturday, and that afternoon and most of Sunday I worked on finishing and releasing version 2.0 of CacheMate. What's very nice about that, is the 4 sales that I immediately got after the release. I guess I put in a few features they were wanting to see :-)
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