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Yet another idiot driver...

The way I go to lunch normally is a 3-lane road (each way... not sure if that makes it a 6-lane or not) and, at one of the intersections, it looks like you might be able to make a left turn but you can't... well, you once could, but there's no turn lane anymore and in its place is an anti-left sign.

Today, though, this one guy thought he would bend the rules to the point of breaking. I'm in the left-most lane, and all of a sudden see this car pulling up along my left side. My first thought is... huh? Apparently there was just enough pavement there for him to fake a left turn lane. He then proceeds to turn left, probably getting a lot of strange looks in the process.

It would have been extraordinarily funny if a cop were around at that moment... I would have loved to have seen the guy get pulled to the side for that and (even better) slapped around for being such an idiot :-)
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