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Dusting cobwebs off of old creations

While I was in college, I created a Doom II map based on the Mortal Kombat movie and games. The biggest hint at this was in the map... it was modeled after the MK logo, with everything outside the dragon head being the outdoor area of the map. Inside the head, there's various rooms connected together with doors leading outside.

Anyway, something recently reminded me about that, and I went to see if it was still out there somewhere. I didn't expect to find it but, much to my surprise, there it was sitting on PlanetMirror... MK.WAD, my best attempt at a Doom II deathmatch map (hey, it got great comments from those at school that played it, so it must have been at least decent :-)

Anyway, I copied the file to my own server, so you can grab it here if you want it. I'm tempted to get a copy of Doom II again, just to look at the thing again.

(Note: the email address in the included text file was valid in '96 when I made the thing, but it's nowhere near valid now)
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