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Nice weekend so far

This is turning out to be a good weekend so far, even with no special holiday plans... a productive one, anyway.

Most of the time was spent getting the next version of my geocaching software ready for release tomorrow. I'm bumping up the price a tad, so I need to do everything at once to get it out there and get that updated everywhere. That I can finish in a couple hours in the morning, though.

Yesterday, I went to the mall for a bit to confirm my ring size. The reason for that is that I'm planning to get one of these, and didn't want to spend the cash only to get the wrong size.

Today I went back to the cache that I couldn't find last weekend... and found it. Thanks to Bart for the clue :-) Made it back to the truck just in time for the rain to start, and was at home the rest of the day.

I also broke out the Foreman grill today for the first time since I bought it a couple years ago (pitiful, yeah, I know :-). Did some grilled chicken breast on it, which came out very well, so now I'm officially hooked.
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