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Online shopping rant

I ordered a Bluetooth card for my PDA, to do some development and testing using it. It should have arrived yesterday, but the shipper opted to require a signature. I know that that's for security reasons, but it's a royal pain in the arse when you work for a living and aren't home (or have someone else there) to accept and sign for the package. If a company is going to do that, they should at least plainly state that they do and, better yet, have an option to not have that happen. This company in particular did neither.

Good thing I'm working at home already today (truck's in the shop), otherwise I'd have to once again ask for permission to work here for this purpose.

Oh well, at least I'm here today, and the package should be arriving any time now. It'll be interesting playing with that thing this weekend, since I'm a real newcomer when it comes to Bluetooth technology.
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