Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

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Unexpected package

I came home early this afternoon from doing some geocaching and picking up lunch, and found a couple of large boxes, sent from, the same place I ordered my ring from. I opened the boxes just enough to see that it was a pair of swords (Narsil and Hadhafang) and an invoice that had my name and address on it.

I never ordered those, so I ended up checking my checking and credit accounts for the charge, and couldn't find anything. Still confused, I ended up emailing their sales dept (closed on weekends, so I couldn't call), and asked where they came from, who paid for them (since I know I didn't, even though it's billed in my name), and what I should do with them. According to the invoice, they're priced at $275 each, so I can't imagine them being free gifts of some kind.
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