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I knew this was coming...

Last year, the company I work for basically shut down over the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas, in an effort to conserve a little cash. There is also the fact that, historically, not much has happened around here during those weeks in the past. Unless you were absolutely needed for support purposes, you had to take the time off. If you didn't have vacation time, you were SOL... unpaid days off.

This year, I figured the same thing would probably happen, so I planned at the beginning of the year to take those two weeks for vacation. Earlier today, my thinking was confirmed... we're doing the exact same thing this year. Seems a shame to waste the vacation time that I could spend some of in other ways at other times, but at least I'm not having to scrape together this year to avoid unpaid days. That, I feel good about.

Another nice thing, recently, is that things have calmed down here at work. I'm no longer fighting fires every other day, and not being asked to do 4-5 things at once. This is a good thing, since I've got a couple big projects coming up that I could use all the time I could get to do. Of course, now that I say that, guess what's going to happen? :-)
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