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What a day

I ended up being sick from Thursday afternoon through Saturday morning, probably with a cold... not exactly sure (these kinds of weather changes tend to play havoc with my head). I get into work today, feeling better, but where do I find myself? Spending at least 2 hours fielding a ton of questions from one of the guys in the UK, and dealing with just as many (if not more) emails from a couple of problem-prone customers that seem to have exclusive access to weird crashes that I can't do much about. I'm thinking that it's probably something with their setup, but it's hard to know for sure and even harder to convince them of it once (and if) I find that out.

Sounds like fun, huh? At least I did get a little productive work done today.

At least the day ended on a better note. I'm in the process of ordering a hiking stick with my Elvish (and geocaching) name in Tengwar, written down the side of it:

(in the English alphabet, that's "Maeglin")

What's nice is that I'll probably be able to get a discount on it in exchange for some free advertising on the CacheMate site for the guy making the stick. I don't know how much of a discount I'll manage to get, though :-)
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