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The good with the bad

I guess I've been truly initiated now as far as eBay goes... my first lemon purchase. I bought a food dehydrator there a couple weeks ago, and it arrived last Friday. I tried it last weekend, and all went well. I decided to use it again this weekend, and it appears to have died on me. After being plugged in for 3 hours, I go to rotate the trays, and the heating element is cold. Not a good sign. I'm not sure what broke in it, but I'm pretty sure that it's not something I can replace myself, so I just ordered a new one.

Today was much better. I did a bit of geocaching this afternoon and, if nothing else, got a good walk (around a mile) out of it. That, plus going to see Kill Bill (vol. 1) Friday night with a couple friends, pretty much makes up for yesterday's experience.
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