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This was a full day...

Got up around 7 this morning, and a couple hours later I was on the road to take on the toughest cache that I'd ever done (4 out of 5 rating for difficulty and terrain). It didn't take me too long to find, which only adds to the satisfaction of finding it in the first place :-) My feet were killing me after I was done, though, so I came home pretty much after, having gotten in my exercise for the day.

I also finished the next version of my geocaching software, with some rather nice features (and something to make it easier to add things in the future... support for plugins). I'm pretty much done, that is, except for a couple decisions on whether to put a couple more features into the program itself or make them plugins, and a couple (much) smaller things aside from that.

Lastly, I rented 3 movies to watch this weekend. So far, I've watched Willard last night (eh..), and just finished watching The Italian Job (good... VERY good). I still have Anger Management left to see before I have to return them. I'm really just checking movies out as candidates for the Christmas wish list. So far, I have one... I think :-)
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