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PDA case dilemma

I'm debating getting one of these cases for my PDA, specifically for when I'm geocaching... my current hip-holster case doesn't do a thing to protect it when I'm out in the woods. The question is which one...

Armor 3600
Pro - Cool design
Pro - Swivel belt clip available (good when sitting down)
Pro - Through-the-box connection kit available (for when I ever decide I want to connect my GPS)
Con - Costs twice as much as the 2600

Armor 2600
Pro - Smaller
Pro - Comes with lanyard attachment (don't know if I'll use that, though)
Con - Lack of the accessories mentioned for the 3600

The color selection doesn't matter to me... will probably go with yellow or black anyway.

Poll #197628 Protective PDA cases

Which should I get?

Armor 3600
Armor 2600
Choice #3 (write in below something to check out)

Write in a choice (if you picked choice #3 above)

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