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One week to go...

Apparently things are on for the drive to Columbia next weekend... yes! I'll probably be heading south after work on Friday, unless of course I'm dead tired after work. I'm going to try for that timing, though, and just feel things out from there. Now I just need to get directions from my brother.

As for this weekend, I'll probably end up getting up all of the leaves that the wind over the past couple days didn't sweep away on its own. Enough are fallen from the trees now where I can get the bulk of them... if any more fall, I can just blow those off to the side and not worry :-) Not really sure right now what I'll be doing with the other 75% of the weekend that will remain, though...

In the meantime, back to trying to figure out why I can't get Windows to do what I want it to, and beating it with a stick to get it to cooperate. What I need here are Gates and Ballmer to do that to :-)

Happy birthday wishes to evilgoddess, and an early one to jeffsworld.
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