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Another productive weekend

The rain may have spoiled my getting the leaves off of my patio yesterday, but I was able to get out there today and, with the help of my blower/vac, reduce those leaves to 3 bags of mulch in about an hour. You gotta love things like that :-) Speaking of which, does anyone near here want the mulch before I put it out for the city to collect (around the end of the year)?

The extra time I had yesterday I put to good use, though... I worked on and pretty much completed the next version of my IRC client, which includes a lot of new vendor-specific support. One of those is a Palm OS "laptop" which, among other things, is marketed to schools. According to their message board, they've already tested an older version of the program and suggest using it in a corporate or school environment, but now that I've got support specifically for the wide screen of theirs it should be even more appealing. Wouldn't that be cool? :-)

I'm also working on a plugin for CacheMate to connect it to a program called HandMap (which, incidentally, was part of my competition for an award last summer). They have a way for me to do that, but getting information on doing it correctly is like pulling teeth... they don't have any real documetation for it and it's mildly frustrating. I'm almost there, though, depending on their next reply to my questions.
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