Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

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3 days to go

...and I can't wait.

The trip to SC this weekend will be on Saturday morning. Was going to be Friday night, but there were sudden plan changes. It's all good, though. Everything that I hoped to do down there is still going to get done.

What sucks is that the LJ meetup for this area next week was cancelled. Not enough people voting for a place, apparently. If they want to think they've signed up for more than nothing, these people have to get involved! Then again, it is the week of a holiday. I guess they have that excuse :-) Sucks that the "rules" of the meetup system require a minimum of 5, though... otherwise it could have happened. Oh well, maybe next month... or next year.

Just means more of my vacation time is free to do... whatever :-)
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