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Back to the grind

First off, happy birthday to bjeorn, and early ones to mareejane and skobo (if he even checks his friends page anymore :-)

Like most vacations, the last week was nice, but way too short. I came back to work today completely expecting to have to take a cluebat to some people, concerning the problem I was dealing with 2 weeks ago. Much to my surprise, I had other problems to deal with (typical when you're gone for a week), but not that one. Not going to dwell on that problem, either, unless I get an email... I gave them 2 choices 2 weeks ago, but if they don't want either one then it's their problem...

Ok, that's the end of that rant, for now.

I did get quite a bit accomplished otherwise last week. CacheMate 3.1 was released, and another plugin was written for it. Mammoth Tree (tm) is now up and running. Most of my Christmas shopping is also done, which is kind of sad given the fact that most of my family isn't exchanging anything this year... a lot of financial problems throughout.

Anyway, back to the grind...
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