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Opportunity missed

I was checking my email this morning, and noticed a squirrel perched on the fence outside. I tried to get my camera out without spooking the thing but, by the time I was able to get it out and ready to shoot, it ran off. Most of that time was spent getting off the futon to fetch the camera, so now I'm keeping it closer by most of the time in case something like that happens again.

I've got the latest batch of requests built into CacheMate, and lately they're extremely slow to come in. The last one I got was when I mentioned that I was waiting for any more before the next release, and that was a few days ago. I was originally thinking about releasing version 3.2 next weekend, but I may go ahead and do it today. The fact that there are fewer and fewer requests coming in makes it seem like the program is starting to mature, which is definitely a good thing. Most of the requests that haven't been put in yet are those that can be taken care of with plugins, and those can be posted to the site at any time... no big release necessary. One more reason I'm glad I had the idea to add that kind of thing 2 months ago.

After I get done with that, I'll probably work on straightening up the house a bit. With the winter weather that's supposed to be coming through starting this evening, there's really not much else to do. There is a holiday thing happening back home in Concord tomorrow night, but with that going on I'm not likely to brave the hour drive if half of it is going to be over an ice rink.
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