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Once again this week the problem that's been plaguing me at work has come to rear its ugly head, and once again it's right before the start of some already much needed vacation time (starting in about 2.5 hours, actually). This time, though, I think we managed to convince at least one of the guys at the customer site that the problem is on their end, and there isn't much we can do about it since they still refuse to pay support bills to get the problem fixed. You hear people talk about great weights lifted off of them? Yeah... that's me at the moment.

The vacation is starting off great, as well. A couple friends and I are going to see The Return of the King tonight, and then there's bjeorn's Christmas party tomorrow. The rest of the time I'll be in and out of town, doing the holiday thing with the family.

Another nice thing about next week... I have an Otterbox PDA case that should be arriving on Monday. My last couple caching trips, I was wishing I had a better, more protective, case to put my PDA in while I was in the woods. Now, that wish is about to be realized.
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