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The Otterbox case arrived today, right on time, and I proceeded to test it as well as I could inside. The website claims that it's crushproof, waterproof, airtight, floats, etc. All of that is quite accurate. I didn't drive over it, as the company did in testing it, but I did stand on it... it held up rather well. It even handled a 6 ft. drop onto a wood laminate floor without a hitch (PDA turned off and shifted inside a bit, but was fine otherwise).

Everything's all set here for the rest of the week. Most of what I have left to do tomorrow is pack a bit to go to Concord to spend some time with the family. Most of them I get to see once, maybe twice a year, so it'll be nice to see them again.

The party Saturday night at bjeorn's was great! It was nice to see my friends down there again, as well as a few new faces (to my eyes at least). Probably the biggest surprise was seeing a friend from college (Justin) that I hadn't seen since I moved to the Triad almost 6 years ago. Even more of a surprise, I think, than the black ice I ran into on the way there :-)
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