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Happy new year, everyone! (well, for those of us in the US, we've still got a few hours :-)

I took today as a vacation day, anticipating someone I know in Charlotte throwing a party of some sort, but that didn't happen. I'm currently doing an Anne Rice movie night, then I'll probably switch to a TV channel that's doing a new year special about the time for it to arrive.

At least I got something done today... where Mammoth Tree (tm) once stood is now a gaping "hole" of space in the living room. Certainly looks better than before I put it up, though, as there was a bunch of junk over there that I had to clear to fit the tree in the room.

This afternoon, though, can only be called "fun with mailertables". I ordered a paid mail relay service to get around the fact that my ISP's mail server, of all things, is on a blacklist that it probably isn't getting off of any time soon. This blacklist is blindly followed by certain few places, which either drop mail silently (argh) or bounce it.

The problem with the paid service, though, is that it has traffic limits, designed to deter use of it for spamming, that also tend to interfere with some mailing lists that I run out of my home server. I don't want to upgrade the package, as I may just outgrow it again later. What I did instead was to set something up on my end that would send most email through the ISP's server, and email to places that block that through the paid service. The only problem with that is that I have to catch and add the exceptions as they occur, if I can... that's the annoying part. Oh well... whatever works :-)
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