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Office nomads

One may start to question the nationality of my bosses, as much as we seem to move around. Personally, I've been through 6 office moves, and next week I'll be moving again. All of the previous ones had some logic behind them (new building, consolidation of office space, and a very welcome change in job title), but this one doesn't make nearly as much sense... most of those on my side of the building are being swapped with our co-workers on the other side. So far, I fail to see the logic in that. Oh well...

1/4 of the weekend (Sat. afternoon/evening) has been stolen by this place as well, for a mandatory "beginning of the year" type of meeting. Too bad the chances of my getting Monday off in exchange are slim to none. There were rumors going around about it, but we've all been assured that the only happenings are good ones. At least things like that are few and far between... I'm kind of attached to a little bit of personal time after spending 5 8-hour days at the office. That's also the reason I don't use the gym here... I figure I see these people enough during work hours.

Now, more than ever, I'm looking forward to some vacation time in the summer. I'm planning on going to New Mexico to see my family there, and may be heading to California for a couple of days as well to visit some friends, being so close and everything.
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