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Last day here...

...but am I bummed? Hardly.

Found out what the office move and the meeting tomorrow were about. One of the execs of the company I work for is buying the assets for it from the current owners, but not the company (name or anything). Kinda weird, but technically it means that this is my last day at this company. What I'm doing, though, isn't changing, and it looks like I may finally be getting some help on it. YES!

Thankfully, the benefits won't be changing much, and the pay shouldn't be changing at all. What I'm working on currently certainly isn't changing. The transition is going to be rough in some ways, but overall I'm kinda looking forward to it.

Now, if only I could get any work done today. With everything up in the air today with the move, and not knowing when I'll be moving, it's tough to really get anything done.
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