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Before the weekend is over, will become Both domains should actually work at the moment (as long as my home IP address remains the same until I'm done), and the old one will remain as an alias for the new one until it disappears (from expiring or any other cause), so I have plenty of time to switch things over.

Now, for the questions that some people are sure to ask:

Why the change?
Due to recent events at the island of Niue (to which the domain .nu is officially assigned), its future as a country isn't very sure. It's possible that they may rejoin New Zealand, and their country code could disappear from the map as a result. I decided to go with the US top-level domain, as our country has been around for a long while and shouldn't have much trouble hanging around for a lot longer. That, plus it was one of the few choices left for the name I chose.

What is Caerleon?
It's where Camelot was located, hence it still matches the theme of the old name. By the way, shame on you for not knowing that ;-)
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