Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

Weekend plans

This is going to be a full weekend. Half-full, at the very least.

First is the new mattress coming in. It's in Greensboro at the moment, and I called them today to set up an appointment for them to deliver it. The problem is that they don't to deliveries on weekends (was hoping for Saturday), so I have to work from home tomorrow so I can be here when they can drop it off. I'll probably get them to put it in the garage, to wait until Bart comes down the next day, since I don't see how I'm going to get that thing in the house by myself.

I've also got everything I need now to do my taxes, so I'll be doing that either Sat. afternoon or Sunday. I still need to finish tallying up shareware sales for last year (all 2 weeks of time that I haven't done yet), but I've finally got all of the docs together now that I need otherwise. I just need to sit down and do everything. Eventually, I'm wanting to get the information that I currently have to tally up by hand into a database (better than a spreadsheet for what I'm doing, anyway), and automate all of that stuff like I've done with registrations already.

Last, but not least, happy birthday to supersprode and an early one to erajia.
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