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Another wise decision

1:30pm, and it's already sleeting quite well in High Point. Forget the "toward evening" stuff ... it's barely into the afternoon and already here. I'm glad now that I decided not to drive to Concord this morning. Postponing that one until next weekend, again depending on the weather. At least I'm prepared for tomorrow (and the next couple days, if the other forecasts come to be)... most of this morning was spent getting that together.

Even though I didn't have a date, my V-day went rather well. I did some geocaching in Winston in the morning, had a late lunch, and spent most of the evening having a great conversation with a new friend.

Only time can tell what the morning holds, more specifically whether the office is closed in the morning or not. At least I'm prepared to clear the driveway and melt what's left, which I'll be doing at least part of either way in the morning.
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