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One geeky weekend

This one started with an upgrade to the camcorder Friday evening. I bought a Firewire card yesterday, so I can make the most use of it, but I just don't have that installed yet. My brother will be getting my old Sharp Handycam as another hand-me-over (as opposed to hand-me-down, naturally :-), since he a) doesn't have one, b) wants one and c) isn't in the right shape now to buy his own. Until I can come up with something better, I'm calling it an early b-day gift.

I also got enough of a navigation plugin written for CacheMate for it to actually work. There's still some finishing touches to put on it, but it does everything that I intended for it to do. I tested it yesterday with my Bluetooth GPSr, walking up and down the street outside where I live, likely getting some strange looks in the process.

First thing on my list this morning is to head down to Concord for most of the day. Going down there to see my family and some friends, since it's been a while since I've done that. I'm also going to try my first locationless cache while I'm down there ("try" as in I think I've found what it's calling for, but I don't remember exactly if it fits the bill or not). Some variety in a game is always nice.
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