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Here I am, stuck in southern Jawja, where I've been since Tues. evening at a client site trying to fix a problem they're having. Seems that the problem has passed, though, so this is going to be our last full day out here...


This is one thing I hate about doing business trips in the winter time, especially when there's no choice in the matter. You get to the client site OK, but then winter weather crops up while you're there, either at the site or back home, and completely throws off getting home when you expect to. This happened once before in New Hampshire, and I nearly ended up spending the night at the airport. I hope it doesn't come to that this time.

Probably doesn't help the mood that we were up until about 1am this morning getting things wrapped up as far as changes go. At least tonight we should be getting to bed at a normal hour, getting enough rest to face the challenge of getting home tomorrow.
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