Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

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Finally back home, and catching up on mail, in forms both e- and snail. Once that's done, though, I'll be vegging... something I'll be probably doing for at least half the weekend.

I do have one thing I need to do tomorrow... clear the driveway and the walk in front of my house. I was actually able to get in the driveway once I got home, but had to get a running start to get up the hill. Those who've visited me at my current place will know exactly what I'm talking about :-)

Anyway... glad to be home, and hopefully won't have to do that kind of trip again for a long time. This is only the 3rd in almost 6 years, but all 3 of those have been in the middle of winter, the first two being up north where it's naturally worse.
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