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Doing video once again

Finally managed to get everything together again for video editing on the computer upstairs. The Firewire card that I'd purchased last weekend is finally in there... would have done that last week, but those plans were blown from the water. The software is back on there as well. In the whole process of installing things, testing things out and playing around a bit, I've discovered 2 important things...

1) Pinnacle Studio is very superior to Roxio when it comes to building DVDs. With power comes a learning curve, but not an impossible one in this case. Roxio's DVD Builder is now gone from that machine.

2) For all its goodness, Pinnacle Studio simply cannot figure out my DVD burner, while Roxio can. After producing two expensive coasters trying to see if it was just a bad disc, I figured out how to create the DVD files in Pinnacle, and burn the DVD in Roxio.
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