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No wonder I kept forgetting things...

All this time, I somehow thought that I had 256MB in my laptop. When I was looking into upgrading that part of things, I was a little surprised then when I found that there was only half of that. I was going to double the memory in this thing, but instead I guess I'll be quadrupling it (to match the other Win2K machine here). The order for the new RAM was placed today, and should be getting here sometime late in the week. Since I also use this machine for shareware development, chances are I can make a good portion of the cost a tax write-off, especially since that's usually what I'm doing when the low memory problems really tend to show.

My vacation request for the year has been approved by my manager, so now I just need to take the time and use it. I'm definitely looking forward to the summer, as I'm taking 2 weeks in the middle of it to spend most of in the middle of one of two deserts... New Mexico and So Cal. The first stop of the trip (NM) has one reason in particular... it's always great to see my family out there, but this time I have a 2 year old sister there who I've only seen once so, by now, I need to reacquaint myself :-)

That doesn't account for all of my vacation time this year, thankfully, but it is the biggest chunk.
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