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Gateway has definitely redeemed themselves as far as delivery times for orders. I bought a new battery for the laptop sometime late last year, and it took them roughly a month and a half to get one together and send to me. With the memory, I placed the order on Sunday, it was shipped yesterday, and it should arrive tomorrow.

As far as weeks go, this one is starting off well, at least. I'm back to working on the big project that I was taken off of 5 months ago (I think), and haven't really had a chance to return to until yesterday, for a variety of reasons. I had feared that I would have to be taken off of it again as a result of a meeting this morning, but there was nothing discussed there that I need to start on right away. Definitely a good thing :-)

As far as this song goes, I really prefer the original... then again, maybe that's just me.
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