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Where are we going, and why am I in a handbasket?

Since our friends lists don't overlap that much, and the word needs to get out about this...

My friend boomtownrat wrote today about a bill that's recently been introduced in Congress, called the "Constitution Restoration Act" of 2004. If you read the bill (if you can read it... there's a lot of legalese in there), and keep the First Amendment in mind, you'll realize that the former will pretty much make the latter worthless if it goes into law. It also makes the title of the bloody thing a contradiction in terms. Which constitution exactly are they trying to restore? Not ours...

I thought before that our rights as US citizens were being whittled away by the current administration. Now, they're going after the first one.

Her journal post on the topic is friends only, but here's the links she referred to...

The text of the bill:
Apparently the closest objective review of it (yes, it's in Russia):
From the horse's mouth:
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