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Nice change of plans

Originally, I planned to trade in my Explorer around next summer, when it was either paid off or a couple payments away from it, and get a newer used one. That was the plan, until I read during my lunch break about a hybrid version of their 2005 Escape, due out later this year. It's supposed to have power equivalent to a V6 under the same hood, but get close to twice the gas mileage. The current plan is now to get one of those, and not necessarily wait until next summer.

This, of course, slightly changed the plans for the weekend. I drove up to Crescent Ford this afternoon after work, and talked with one of the guys there about it. He doesn't know any more than I found out by checking the site, but he is going to contact me when he finds out something. I've agreed to do the same (having subscribed to Ford's mailing list), as he was curious about that thing as well. I've also talked with him about the possibility of test-driving one of the normal '05 Escapes tomorrow, as I've never driven one before, and I'll be driving up there in the morning to see if I can. The hybrid version should be similar, except for the obvious difference :-)

The original plan for tomorrow was to do some geocaching as long as the weather held up (slight chance of rain), but I'll still do that if I can.
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