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Weekend recap

The test drive went off without a hitch Saturday morning... aside from getting used to a smaller steering wheel again, I kind of like the Escape. Now I'm just waiting on more information to appear on the hybrid version, so I can tell what the price is going to be and, from that, whether I'm going to get one later this year or not.

There was plenty of time to get some caching in afterward. After coming back home to get my stuff, I went to Gibson Park to look for a few caches hidden there. I found two, and most of the third one (3 of 4 stages found) that I was looking for. That 4th stage is confirmed to be there, though, so I'll probably go looking for that again this weekend. By then, I should feel up to it again (4 hours of hiking after 3-4 months of not doing that... I'm still feeling the effects, though not as much as I was 2 days ago).

Most of yesterday afternoon was spent working on a small fix to the file converter for CacheMate, and playing some Angband.
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