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Another caching morning

Spent a couple hours this morning looking again for the cache that I had trouble finding last weekend, and finally found it. I had to head home after getting there the first time, because I'd forgotten my GPS receiver (doh!)... luckily, the park is not that far from the house. I also found a good use for what I call a "gag gift" that I received for Christmas :-)

I would have placed my own cache out there this morning as well, but the spot that I had picked out for it was about 100 feet too close to another existing cache in the area. I didn't look to see what was close until I was back at the car to pick up the cache container, so at the time I didn't feel like going back out there to see if I could find another spot. I'll probably look for places a little further south next time, since the north side of Gibson Park is starting to get a little full at this point.

This afternoon, I'll likely be getting some more practice in on Worms 3D, which just arrived yesterday. I used to play the 2D versions of the game quite a bit but, since upgrading both Windows machines at home, I can't run them anymore (I think the latest Windows version that Worms Armageddon supported was 98). The weapons are harder to aim when you're dealing with 3 dimensions, but I think I'm getting the hang of it. My only real gripe about it is that it only seems to recognize Sony branded controllers (I have two nice MadCatz controllers that I can't use with it), but I can deal...

I've also got a new VCR/DVD player to hook up upstairs. I don't have a TV up there yet to use it with, but in the meantime I can use it with the video capture hardware to dub taped stuff to VCD/DVD. I bought it sooner rather than later, as a friend may be sending me a video shortly that she needs that done to.
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