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Next up, mini-vacation

In an hour and 15, when I manage to get out of the office, a 4-day weekend starts. I was originally going to take this Friday off for the b-day, but it happens that I already have it off as a holiday, so I'm taking another day to make it a bigger one :-)

Most of the next 2 days, though, I'll likely be working on CacheMate. I almost have the next release done, except for one more major feature I want to get in before next month, when nominations start for an award that it was nominated for last year start again. It's been greatly enhanced since this time last year, though, so this time I'm hoping for a win.

I also need to get an oil change at some point, but that won't take long at all.

Aside from that, mom's coming up on Sat. to help me celebrate the b-day, and I'm heading to Concord on Sunday for Easter to spend some time with the family. I might try for a cache while I'm down there, but not sure at this point. The one I'm thinking of starts in the middle of a garden down there, so I must be sure to take a Claritin that morning if I do plan to do it :-)
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