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This weekend has gone pretty well so far...

I caught 2 movies, both of which I enjoyed. Kill Bill vol. 2 was excellent... I'd almost go as far as to say that it's better than the first one. I rented Timeline as well, since I didn't get a chance to see it in the theatre and wanted to see how well it compared to the book. It was pretty close, but with a few differences... I'll probably end up buying it, though.

I did take advantage of the great weather this weekend as well, getting my first cache out there, and trying to get a taste of benchmark hunting. The luck with the latter wasn't so great, though, but I feel like I came very close. I'm starting to realize now that I should have taken a Claritin before doing all of that, but I've got meds here that I can fight the allergy problems with... should be feeling alright in the morning.

The rest of today I'll probably get a few things done that I need to around the house, and get some more apple chips started as well. I'm working at getting a stockpile of those ready for my big trip this summer, mainly for airport snacks but I'm also going to try getting some caching in as well... they're great for that :-)
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