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End table available, revisited.

I had posted something asking if anyone wanted a round wooden table before, but the response wasn't all that massive. Several of you are likely going to be at the next Johnparty (if you don't know what that is, you're less likely to be there), and/or know someone who is, so I'm asking again... does anyone want it? If anyone going to that party wants it, I can put it in the Explorer and bring it down, if you have a way to get it home.

Until I can get a picture of it snapped and posted on here, it looks something like this one, except it's stained dark brown with none of that artwork on the top :-)

I'm truly trying to get rid of this thing, as it's only taking up space at my house, so there's no charge involved... if you want it, you can have it. If you're not going to that party, and can come around and pick it up, then that works too. The top can separate from the base, in case you need to do that to fit it in your car.

[Edit@4:05pm] It looks like the table's been claimed.
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