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The weekend so far

This weekend started off in a lousy way, but ended up improving greatly. The start that I'm referring to was dealing with a short-circuited immune system most of Thurs. and Friday, which happened to take my sinuses with it this time. I did end up feeling better, but at the same time pretty wiped out.

As for yesterday, I have to say that the latest Strai(gh)ton party was another good one. Was able to catch up with several friends that I get to see every few months at these things, and a few that I haven't seen in... forever. Too bad that djbrian_s wasn't able to DJ for it, as was the original plan, but it was a good one nonetheless.

I was hoping to see a couple other friends while I was down that way, but neither case worked out due to absentmindedness on their parts. I did get apologies from them both, though, which was nice. The first was going to be before the party so, instead of wasting a trip going all the way back to the hotel, I ended up checking out Concord Mills mall ("about bloody time," some of you might be thinking), since I'd never been there (it was built since I left the area) and I needed to kill some time. While I was there, I ended up getting a copy of Ender's Game ("about bloody time," others of you are likely thinking) to read at some point. I'll probably get a lot of that done during my trip west this summer, if I don't get a chance to read and finish it before then.

I got home this morning about an hour ago and, at some point, I'm likely to be found passed out on the bed this afternoon, as not much sleep was had last night. At the moment, though, I'm a little too wired from the drive home.
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