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One step closer

Most of the hardware I need for a new server should be arriving tomorrow. I'm looking forward to getting this up and running, so I can get around several problems I've had trying to run my domain ( out of a machine I have set up at home, most of which is either with a flaky connection, or my ISP's total incompetence when it comes to letting customers send email reliably.

I'm looking at places at the moment (preferably nearby) to get some rack space at. Any suggestions? At the moment, I'm asking here at the office, purely for the sake of convenience, but I have no idea yet what they'd be charging.

Basic 2U rackmount server - $350
RAID controller - $155
4 40gig drives - $280
CD-ROM drive - $23

Getting around an inept ISP with a machine that I'd be lucky to find for twice the amount I'm paying - priceless
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