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The rackmount server arrived today. Now I'm asking around to see if I can get the rest of it.

It looks like they gutted what makes the apparent 4 removable drive bays worth anything (the backplane and matching drive trays). Otherwise, the item description is accurate... to a fault. It mentions an open PCI slot in the chassis, but doesn't mention the fact that it's completely useless with the motherboard that's in there. Right now, I'm concentrating on trying to salvage what I can.

These are the parts I'm needing:
- Cheap AGP video card (no need for great graphics, but I can only fit an AGP card in there with the RAID controller)
- P4 chip and fan that will fit in 2U case
- at least 512MB of DDR memory
- ATX-to-ATX12V power adapter
- IDE backplane and drive trays for the case
- AGP riser card

I'm hoping that, if it comes to it, I can sell the guts that I got with it:
- Dual P3/733's on an ATX motherboard
- 1GB RAMBUS memory

[Edit@9:17] I found out that I can use a motherboard I have (not the one that came with the server, though), with the proper adapter cable... now I just need a P4 chip and the rest of the stuff.
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