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Almost there

Most of the rest of the parts I need to finish putting together excalibur should be getting here tomorrow. All that remains after that is for the ones to get here from the case manufacturer (one is on backorder, delaying that by a couple days), and for me to get those parts that I can actually get locally (P4 chip, video card, and memory). I'm hoping, then, that I can actually get the hardware together next week and start getting it ready to do its job.

In other news, I also have my plans for the trip in July almost solidified. At this point, I can at least get plane tickets ordered and other reservations made... I knew what day I was flying to New Mexico and when I was coming back from California but, until last night, I wasn't sure which of two days I'd be going between the two.

Also nice is my being able to get one of the hotel nights in CA for free. I'm hoping to apply that to the most expensive night (staying 3 weeknights and a Friday, and the rates rise sharply on weekends there)... I didn't get a straight answer about that from the chain's online support, so I'm going with the assumption that I'll be able to. I guess that will be tested when I actually reserve the room :-)
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