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I'm not sure how many people that read this knew before now but, a couple of months ago, through a series of events heading downhill, my heat pump was ruined and I had to replace it. Basically, the HOA hired a fencing contractor to replace the fences here, they discovered an underground line, and called a plumber to check it out, who cut it. That's when things hit rock bottom, because from that point my heat pump was as good as gone, due to the way that the refrigerant and moisture interact.

At the time, the HOA was looking into it, but a few weeks ago they ended up dropping it into my lap. Late last week I got the section of line that was damaged, and today I started making phone calls. I'm supposed to be getting a call back tomorrow about the whole issue.

It kind of feels good to have started fires under a few asses, especially since it seems like I've gotten more done in one morning than the HOA and property manager could get done in a month. Of course, being able to seek legal advice from one's own boss does help :-)
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